JspTest is a JUnit extension for testing JavaServer Pages (JSP) outside a J2EE container. Internally, it uses the Jasper JSP compiler from the Jakarta Tomcat project and the Java compiler distributed as part of the system's default JDK.

JspTest is hosted at Sourceforge and is being distributed through the official Maven repository. The easiest way to get it into use (provided that you're using Maven) is to add the following dependency to your POM file:


...where VERSION should be replaced by whatever is the latest version number available over here.

NOTE: The synchronization between this site and the official Maven repository is currently broken but in the meanwhile, you can get JspTest directly from here by adding this to your POM:


There's a full example of a POM making use of JspTest over here.

If you don't use Maven, you could consider Ivy or Buildr.

Or you could just download the .jar files manually from the Maven repository.